p3My name is Austin Grant and I don’t have a lot to say about myself except for the fact that I’m a very down to earth person who is quite introverted, which goes a bit against the principle of owning a blog but this is part of a change I’m trying to do.

Let me explain.

Throughout my life many people have told me that I should be more outspoken with my knowledge and opinions, usually I’m a shy guy (not too much) who keeps quite and does not initiate conversations with other people.

Some people even said behind my back that I’m anti social because I don’t tend to participate too much in social events.

This blog is part of a change I’m trying to start with my life.
Since it’s more easy for me to express myself through the keyboard I hope to be more outspoken here and perhaps create my connection with the world through this blog.

I also happen to live in the great city of Austin Texas, so as you can see I’m pretty connected to the Austin roots, therefore I decided name my site Austin Connection (surprise surprise…) and I hope you will connect with it too.

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